Rhonda Strahler

Bass and Vocals

Rhonda plays bass and sings for the band. She delivers great rhythm that is a background for great music. Her vocal skills are also superb, and her yodeling is a hit with everyone! Rhonda is the only "Ohio Buckeye" in the band. She is from Macksburg, Ohio.

Danny Murray


Danny, from Parkersburg, WV, plays banjo with Union Valley. He is very proficient on the banjo and has quite a bit to offer. His banjo really adds that "driving bluegrass sound" to everything the group does. In addition to classic bluegrass, he also offers a diverse palette of musical genres to the mix. 

Rebecca McClung

Fiddle and Vocals

Rebecca, from Elizabeth, WV, plays fiddle with the band. She used to play classical, but now has switched to bluegrass. She has competed and received awards in the Vandalia Fiddle Contest, and also teaches fiddle lessons. She currently also teaches first grade at Wirt County Primary Center. 

Gene Burgy

Mandolin & Vocals

Gene plays the mandolin and sings harmony and lead vocal for the band. He also builds his own "Auburn" mandolins from his workshop in Elizabeth, WV. He has built over 40 of these mandolins, and many are in the hands of professionals today. His mandolin delivers driving punch and sweet melodies. He sings lead on a variety of tunes and offers tight harmony too! His strong sense of rhythm is a critical ingredient to the band.  

Eric Chichester

Guitar & Vocals

Eric plays lead and rhythm guitar and also sings with the band. He hails from South Parkersburg. Not only does Eric pick the guitar very well, he also builds his own "CHI" guitars. His virtuosic flatpicking skills adds a lot to the group's sound...and his sense of humor adds a lot too! Eric offers some diverse styles of music to the band, ranging from Ricky Skaggs to the Eagles!

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